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175000 more people are first care needed


The number of people receiving money or benefits in kind from nursing care insurance has risen sharply since the beginning of the year. 432,000 Insureds were awarded first aid in one of the five new levels of care from January to July of this year.

Compared to the same period last year, this is 175,000 more than need. These figures were shared by the medical service of the health Insurance (MDK) on request of our editorial staff. If you want to take care insurance, you have to be judged by the medical service.
While three levels of care were applied by the end of last year, there are five levels of care in the future. For many people already in need of care, the reform also went beyond a better position. In particular, people with a dementia disease receive additional benefits. At the same time, the threshold has fallen to obtain recognition of the need for care.

After the first quarter of 2017, the MDK had a positive record: according to this, the order volume for the health insurance company increased by a good 30 percent. Of the people who are being appraised, 80 percent receive one of the five new levels of care.
The new services are part of the care reform of the grand coalition. Compared with the start of the electoral period, the double increase in the contribution annually adds some five billion euros to the system. Around four billion euros are directly beneficial to the needy. A further billion goes into a fund, the funds of which are to be available for the supply of the so-called Boomers generation from 2036.

Although the provision of care for the needy has improved, there is still a lack of specialised personnel who provide care for those in need – both in outpatient care services and in the homes. In Germany, about 2.9 million people in need of care are currently living. The brunt of the burden is on the family: More than two million are supplied at home.

Source: RP Online