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24h care at home

the advantages

There are more and more elderly people. Over 90 year olds are no longer a rarity. But less and less really want to got to the retirement homes. This is mainly due to the reputation and service of retirement homes, who are not beyond any doubt. The required services which pension centers must provide do not have any relation to the possibilities of effectively meeting them in a high price country. For the affected seniors, this leads to monthly prices for hotel and care (depending on the nursing level) of CHF 8000* and more. The question is certainly justified, who can do this without capital consumption at all. The fears of affected persons and their relatives are leading to a reflection on how to deal with other, more sustainable solutions.
Primarily from the consideration, that the seniors prefer to stay at home as long as possible, rather than go to elderly homes, the 24h care at home as an alternative question. A caregiver lives together with the affected person in the same household and does all household work (housekeeping, cooking, errands, washing, cleaning) and takes care of the elderly and makes everyday life easier in every respect. For medical care (as far as is necessary) cooperation with local care services can be attempted. What are the advantages?

- the relatives are completely relieved and take care of remaining topics, which can not be done by the person concerned themselves (finances, authorities, taxes, etc.). If no family members are able to do so, you must contact a trust company. We can also offer help for this.
- the person concerned is cared for by one person. This is hardly possible in a retirement home.
- the affected person remains in his or her own household and environment and can thus be visited very simply as before
- The monthly costs are much lower than in the retirement home with prices of about CHF 4000 .-- * monthly
- Cost reductions are possible via helplessness compensation, etc.
- the course to retirement home can be delayed for a long time
- There is hardly any capital consumption. As a rule, the existing pension and AHV* emoluments are sufficient and an all- existing property does not have to be sold in need.
- the family retains a great deal of freedom

On the whole, there are great advantages compared to the retirement home, which as an alternative are worth more than just a consideration.


* Prices Germany / Austria

- retirement home € 3500

- 24h care at home € 2300

- pensions