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Emigrate to Bulgaria

Still an insider tip

Bulgaria, a land of undiscovered beauty. At the moment a lot is written about Bulgaria. Also recent TV broadcasting showed about emigrated seniors, reports in various forums bring the issue of emigration to Bulgaria in the headlines. As a holiday destination, Bulgaria is becoming increasingly popular, benefiting, of course, from overcrowded Spain, from the political situation in Turkey and is now shining with annual growth rates of 10% in tourism. However, Bulgaria is still rather unpopular as a country of emigration from German-speaking countries, even though 45,000 Germans have emigrated to Bulgaria compared to only 250 Swiss and not 1,000 Austrians. There are many other classic countries before: USA, Germany, Switzerland, France, Italy, Spain Some ventured to Thailand, but Bulgaria, no, that hardly comes into focus? Why? This has not been studied so far. We can only give empirical values ​​here because we have been accompanying emigrants to Bulgaria for almost 10 years.

If you address the topic of Bulgaria in a person interested in emigration, the following statements / questions will come first:

  • Bulgaria is the poorest country in Europe
  • Where is that?
  • they write Cyrillic, Bulgarian is difficult to learn
  • are not the Gypsies coming from there?
  • Bulgarians are known as burglars
  • They have a high rate of corruption
  • No one speaks German or English
  • There are known to emigrate more like immigrants etc. 

So the current state of knowledge about Bulgaria is usually modest. Semi-knowledge is available and rumors have been heard many. Some of the questions are easy to answer or to refute and of course we like to do that. Our answers could be as follows:

  • Although Bulgaria has one of the lowest per capita incomes in the EU, the cost of living is among the lowest
  • Located on the Black Sea with a coast of over 500 km
  • Yes, Bulgaria has about 1 million gypsies. This ethnic group has always been strongly supported by high transfer payments
  • Yes Cyrillic and Bulgarian is not easy for us to learn
  • Unfortunately, Bulgarian criminal gangs in Western Europe have contributed much to the negative image of Bulgaria. The crime rate in Bulgaria itself is much lower than in Germany, for example
  • Corruption actually exists. We have never been confronted with it
  • The Bulgarians are fluent in language and often speak several Slavic languages. English and German are compulsory subjects at school
  • Bulgaria actually has a negative migration balance. Many young people want to see something of the world and earn more than is possible in Bulgaria itself

Even with just this little digression, we usually create a small aha experience among the people. In practice, emigrants find themselves very quickly right. Since Bulgaria belongs to the EU there are hardly any legal hurdles. With a little help, the registration with the local authority also succeeds smoothly. Professional advice is advisable if someone is interested in real estate.

Here are some tips:

Residence permit

This is easily granted to EU citizens and Swiss. Usually for 1 year, then extended. The maximum is 5 years, then you can extend again for 5 years.

Living index in Bulgaria

  • Switzerland 173
  • Germany 100
  • Austria 104
  • Bulgaria 55


Work, rental or real estate contracts must always be bilingual for foreigners, whereby the Bulgarian applies. In case of doubt, the translation and the text should be checked legally and professionally.

Medical supplies

Medical care is relatively good in the centers of Sofia, Bourgas or Varna. There are specialists and general practitioners. Private doctors are also available.

How does it work best?

From personal experience, you should only work with people of trust at the beginning. There are already companies that can help those willing to emigrate in every respect and start their counseling in Western Europe. Accompaniment will then be found during the whole process of moving, registering, searchin and finding suitable housing, cars, selection of local lawyers, doctors, allf. Care staff, craftsmen etc. instead.

We expect that as tourism in Bulgaria increases, so too will immigration, not only from Western Europe but now also from Asia, the Emirates or Israel.