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Dementia, the great forgetting, disorientation is known to be creeping. If we notice this with our parents, this is usually not so bad. It is only when the people concerned find themselves in the everyday life no more, it becomes dramatic for the outside. Because, as easily as we deal with our daily challenges such as appointments, make payments, shopping, etc., it becomes impossible for a dementia patient to orient themselves within a week or day.

They are mentally in their memories and have an awful awakening even when they realize that something is wrong in the head. In this phase you can not leave them alone, because everything is possible, uncontrollable can happen. Our modern living form has "unfortunately" led to the fact that parents usually live alone on their own. The few children, have been flying around the world for a long time and are generally not available for assistance - distance, too much work and other commitments are the rule.

What to do?

- to take them home is hardly questionable, since no one has time to really care for the dementia-dependent parent

- Retirement home is an option. However, the necessary nursing time is also missing here.

- 24h support. This is usually the only meaningful aternative, since a caregiver, who lives in the home of the person concerned can take care of intensively. Cognitively, those affected with this form profit most because their lives remain active and they can enjoy the everyday life with help. The relatives are relieved and can also feel confident that their parents are doing well.

- Local dementia treatments offered as courses can also be helpful and complementary.