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24h-care from Eastern Europe


Germany, Austria
The 24h care staff we provide comes in general from EU countries (especially Eastern Europe) and are sent to Germany and Austria as part of the EU's freedom to provide services. The staff is permanently employed by one of our partner companies in Eastern Europe, where they have also health and social insurance. In the case of a Bulgarian 24-hour nursing staff, this is attested to the A1 certificate issued by the Bulgarian pension and social insurance fund. The posting of Eastern European 24-hour nurses to Germany and Austria is in line with the Act on the Posting of Employees (AEntG).


In Switzerland, the 24-hour nurses from Eastern Europe are generally employed directly by the family. We support families in their search for appropriate care. These are valid for a period of max. 90 days, which is why the whole year is supported by different nurses. Long-term employment requires a work permit.

We take care of employment contracts, accident insurance, social insurance contributions, hour management, salary accounting, withholding tax, etc., thus minimizing administrative costs for the family.

We check the legal requirements for each nurse, keep the current laws in mind and are therefore your competent partner for the search and placement of carers.